Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (2019) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

A police officer retires after an accident during a case investigation. Years later, he is forced to relive the past as he narrates the story to his friend’s son.

Director:Karthick NarenWriter:Karthick NarenStars:RahmanPrakash RaghavanSharath Kumar | See full cast & crew

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (English: 16 Extremes), also known as D-16, is a 2016 Indian Tamil language crime thriller film written and directed by Karthick Naren and starring Rahman in the leading role.[1] Featuring a predominantly new cast and crew, the film went on to gain positive reviews from film critics as well becoming a critical box office success.[2][3] The film completed its 100 days on April 6, 2017.

The film was later dubbed in Telugu as 16: Every Detail Counts and released theatrically on 10 March 2017, receiving highly positive responses.[4][5]



The story begins with Deepak (Rahman) narrating the story of one of his case that occurred during his service as a police officer in Coimbatore. Deepak narrates the story to a man who is the son of another police officer who has come for taking career advice from him. Then Deepak starts the story. Three young men hit a man with the car they were driving on a rainy day in a neighborhood. Afraid that they might get caught, they carry the body to their home. Deepak continues the story from his perspective. He comes to his office in the morning and his sub-ordinate officer informs him about a suicide of a person named Krish that has happened in the area and hands over the license of that person. The informer, who is a newspaper boy is called in to give his information. On his way out, the newspaper boy sees the car from the crime scene and shouts out to police. They ignore him. Deepak visits the crime scene and meets the new police officer, Gautham. Gautham follows his instinct and mentions about the those young men. They go to investigate them. They act suspicious. After finding nothing, they return to the office. While on their way, they get a call informing them of another incident. They go there to find that, Shruti is missing with blood stains on her bedroom. Her friend Vaishnavi was the one to identify this. Later Deepak gets a call saying that Shruti, previous day evening had written a complained against a person Mano. He recognizes the name as that of one of the young men and interrogates them. They tell of the incident that happened 10 days prior to missing of Shruti. The incident was – she unknowingly overspeeds and nearly hits them. The three young men also confess that after the incident, they haven’t met her. On further investigation in Shruti’s apartment, it is revealed that the blood group is B+ which matches with Krish. Gautham investigates and identifies that, Shruti had told the neighbour about a young man who is her fiance. They decide that the fiance might be Krish and decide to watch the young men as suspects. As the day ends, Deepak decides to go home. His neighbour informs him about a young man who was waiting for him. Deepak had captured a camera from some kids. These kids were asked to meet him at his residence for getting back the camera. From the camera,Deepak sees that Vaishnavi has lied about arriving late to the house, while she was there earlier. He also notices the car number from the video. Both Gautham and Deepak decides to check on Vaishnavi, but they realize that she is missing from her house. They go looking for her everywhere but she is not found. She is then shown to be in the airport. Gautham and Deepak come to the conclusion that one among the young boys might have been the suspect and that Shruti would have given complaint against the one whose name she would have confused with. After this conclusion they see Mano (one among the three young boys) on the road on his way to police station. To the Deepak and Gautham, he narrates the incident of how they hit the man while driving the car, and later carrying the body and finally realizing that the body was taken by the original killer. He confesses this to the police and says that the newspaper boy who saw them hit the man has been asking for ransom and threatening them. The newspaper boy explains to the police that on the day of the incidence, he saw a man with a bullet wound who had apparently committed suicide and another case were the car hit a man. Gautham and Deepak hypothesize the situation by narrating a story – Both Krish and Shruti are in the apartment and then the anonymous killer breaks in and kidnaps Shruti, Krish, and Vaishnavi’s assumed boyfriend and threatens Vaishnavi. While trying to escape, Krish is killed. Vaishnavi’s boyfriend (assumed) also escapes and is hit by the car and killed. But they are not sure of the story. Finally they get a lead to the car number and follows it. But Gautham and Deepak meets with an accident.

After narrating this much, Deepak asks the other man to him he was narrating the story whether he still wants to be in the police. Deepak excuses himself into the house. While he is ther he comes to know that the person with whom he was conversing is not the person whom he thought to be. He becomes cautious and takes his pistol.

In the climax it is revealed by Vaishnavi to Deepak that Shruti was abused and her videos taken by Krish (who actually introduced himself to Vaishali as Mano, against whom Shruti had given a complaint) and his friend. Shruti’s boyfriend, Rajeev, had planned to visit her this same day to surprise her. He enters the scene. But Krish overpowers him and takes away Shruti. Finally, Rajeev meets Krish and attacks him. In this fight, Krish dies. And Rajeev chases Krish’s friend and it is this man who gets hit by the car (driven by the men) and dies. Rajeev then takes Vaishanvi and Shruti to Nasik along with him.

The man to whom Deepak was talking to reveals himself as his old partner, Gautham. Before Deepak can take his gun, Gautham holds him at gunpoint. He tells Deepak that after the accident he had to get a surgery to get his face restored. He had come to ask Deepak on why he let the killer live. He answers that Rajeev was his son and hence didn’t solve the case. This angers Gautham who shoots him saying that because of Rajeev, he now has to live as another person. Deepak gets killed,while Gautham gets shot in the arm by the police who later overpowers him. His fate is unknown. The movie ends with Deepak narrating that had the story been told from Gautham’s point of view, he would have been the villain.

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